Peniche Clinic

Located in the main street of Peniche, the GSD clinic occupies a shop in this new venture, the ultimate exponent of the boutique clinic concept that GSD Dental Clinics has been seeking to join.

In this space, the sun comes in, the movement inside and outside makes you feel and so, without ever losing your privacy, the patient can have the sensation of being in a leisure area, nice and pleasant. As with human relationships, care in the choice and presentation of GSD dental clinics contributes to a positive experience for the dentist.

call-answer_1_.png 262 789 140


clock.png 2a a sáb - 10h às 13h | 14h às 19h

map-marker_1_.png Av. do Porto de Pesca, LT. 1F loja 4 
     2520-208 Peniche


Agreements and Partnerships

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